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2008 INFORMS Annual Meeting: Solicitation for Presentations

The Aviation Applications Section of INFORMS is soliciting session organizers (chairs) and/or presentations for the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. The meeting will be held on October 12 - October 15, 2008. If you are interested in presenting and/or organizing a session, please email Anne Mercier (anne.mercier@expretio.com) the following information by April 4:

1) *Session Chairs*: Select a theme that reflects your particular interests and provide a session title together with a list of 3-4 potential speakers (include their email addresses).

2) *Individual Presenters*: Send Anne Mercier the (tentative) title of your presentation.

Paper abstracts are due on May 15, 2008. Please note that the INFORMS Annual Meeting will take place three weeks earlier than previous years and that there will not be an extended deadline for submitting sessions and abstract information as in the past. The abstract should be submitted online at http://meetings.informs.org/DC08/. General conference information can also be found at this website.

Also note that an individual can organize multiple sessions. However, only one contributed paper will be accepted from the same presenting author.

Thank you in advance for your participation.